How To Write And Compose Music

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Music composition is a very complex process. In the centuries leading up to the modern age, it was difficult for beginning musicians to compose anything beyond simple melody lines because creating effective harmonies, melodic developments, and effective transitions requires a high-level understanding of music theory. With the advent of modern computer technology, however, there are numerous ways for a person to begin playing with more complex musical harmonies with very little formal training.

Stocked with a large array of musical samples from instruments ranging from classical violins to heavy-metal guitars to native ethnic drums, these music programs are designed around workstation that allows you to arrange these sounds in a kind of visual timeline. This gives you the ability to easily move sounds around, adjust their lengths, layer different sounds on top of one another, and adjust timing with great precision. The computer takes care of all the details of lining up rhythms and matching harmonies while you enjoy exploring your musical playground.

As your skill and musical understanding grows, these programs also grow with you, allowing you to control the details of harmony and rhythm. Eventually, you can even play your instrument along with the tracks you personally designed!

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