Getting Yourself Heard

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There's a long way between creating music on your computer and seeing yourself live in concert on Direct TV . If you aim to become a recording star with the music you create take a few tips from us: Get on the Chat Rooms: If you want honest feedback on your sound (and you really should) you've got to put your stuff out there. Let the internet pick you apart and you'll come out with more information on how to improve your luck. Hire a Distributor: If you're good enough you're going to want to illicit help from a music distributor. You can solicit help online or do it the old fashioned way and send in demo tapes to your favorite music houses. Get the Right Software: With so many great products available now for home-producing music you just can't get away with a tape recorder and a guitar anymore. Get online and read reviews to decide which software system is right for your sound and how much you're willing to pay. Think of it as an investment in your future.